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We are notifying you of some changes to our Terms of Service policy.

As a longstanding and well established business we have learnt the hard way that fraud protection is paramount for both you the client and our automated billing system. Safe secure Australian Web Hosting solutions has been the main stay of our business practice since the early days of Kanga Web Hosting. Managing peoples Credit Cards, PayPal account and banking details is a privilege which we take seriously.

Please check the changes to "Section A" "Paragraph 1" on the Terms of Service page here:

Our long term fraud partner has been Maxmind. They have been checking credit card online orders for many years. We have now added an extra level of protection..... Fraud Record.

Fraud record check our received online orders and monitor all our clients email addresses for fraud right across the internet.

Fraud Record will also notify us of any nefarious use of your email address on the internet.

Michael and a team of specialists can offer a wide range of assistance and recommendations when it comes to presenting your business on the world wide web.

Our advice is: "Don't rush in when it comes to your business website hosting"

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

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